Stellar Energy FAQs

Q: What information should I have before I call Stellar Energy for service?

A: System size and type, module count, Inverter manufacturer and count, system location. Services requested such as repair, preventative maintenance, module cleaning, commissioning, IR scanning services, monitoring installation or upgrade, landscape services.           

Q: Does Stellar Energy do the actual maintenance or installation?

A: Stellar Energy or a qualified subcontractor will do the maintenance or installation. Our project managers are responsible for enforcing the highest quality standards in the industry.

Q: How much maintenance will be required on my system?

A: Solar PV modules require little to no maintenance but do require periodic cleaning depending upon environment and system design type. Solid state electronics in the inverters and other hardware also require little maintenance but manufacturers have maintenance requirements to maintain warranty and optimized performance. Active monitoring, site visits annually, and preventative maintenance can assure long term functionality saving thousands on system failure avoidance and consistent uptime. Our Stellar Energy team can provide you with specific maintenance expectations and service depending upon the equipment specified in your system design.